William Shatner Homeless
Tyler Perry Homeless
Tupac Shakur Homeless
Sylvester Stallone Homeless
Michael Oher Homeless
Michael Winslow Homeless
Rose McGowan Homeless
Sam Worthington Homeless
Shania Twain Homeless
Steve Jobs Homeless
Charlie Chaplin Homeless
David Letterman Homeless
Dr. Phil McGraw Homeless
Carmen Electra Homeless
Axl Rose Homeless
Drew Carey Homeless
Debbie Reynolds Homeless
Daniel Craig Homeless
Chris Pratt Homeless
Ed Sheeran Homeless
Halle Berry Homeless
Hilary Swank Homeless
Jean-Claude Van Damme Homeless
Jennifer Lopez Homeless
Jewel Homeless
Jim Carrey Homeless
Martin Sheen Homeless
Kelsey Grammer Homeless
John Paul Dejoria Homeless
Kelly Clarkson Homeless
Steve Harvey Homeless
Suze Orman Homeless

Homeless Celebrities – Where are they now?

Homeless Entrepreneur

[hohm-lis ahn-truh-pruh-nur] -noun

A person lacking a fixed residence whether it’s living involuntarily with friends or family, in a vehicle or on the streets, while assuming the responsibility, risks and rewards of starting their own business venture.

HEC was created to inspire and give people hope and resources to stay inspired, and to deliver the message that homelessness is but a transition, not the end of the road.

About HEC

The reason HEC was created is twofold – first, HEC is geared to open the eyes of those who are unaware of the fact that being homeless does not make you hopeless. Many well known people throughout the world, from past and present, with undoubtedly more being added in the future, have learned that anything is possible.

Second, the HEC website can be used as a medium to connect those who are struggling, with those who are succeeding that are currently or have formerly been in similar situations.