homelessness is but
a transition, not the end of the road.

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Currently Homeless Entrepreneurs

Homeless Entreprenuer Club Members

Meet some of the most inspirational people

Discover and connect with those blogging right now about their struggles being homeless and how they survive. Some are business owners, some are single mothers, but all are members of the Homeless Entrepreneur's Club. Read more...

Formerly Homeless Celebrities

Formerly Homeless Celebrities

Jim Carrey, Jewel, Halle Berry and more

Most people today know that Jim Carrey, Jewel and Halle Berry were once homeless, but few people know Nobel Peace Prize winners, Knights and Billionaires were homeless as well. You must check out this vast list! Read more...

Become a HEC Member

Are You Homeless?

Become a HEC Member

Whether you're struggling to find your passion, or wish to become a member of the uniquely accumulated group known as the Homeless Entrepreneur's Club, feel free to contact us anytime. HEC wants to help anyway we can. Read more...